Keep Cool on Summer Rides

Keep Cool on Summer Rides

The temperature is rising. The sun is shining. The days are longer. 

It’s finally the moment we’ve been waiting for… time to dust the bike off and hit the road!

Nothing compares the feeling of the first few rides after winter has finally given up, but before we know it, it’ll be so hot we’ll be tempted to take the bike out in a tank top or tee. Which brings us to our summertime dilemma; do we want to ride free in our t-shirts and risk our safety? Or do we want to sweat our a**es off in a full jacket?

Thankfully, we don’t have to choose between risking road rash and heat exhaustion. With breathable fabrics, we can stay cool and still be covered!

Delta Hoodie

At the lightest of the lightweight gear, tops like the Atmosphere Airflow Shirt, SKIN Motorcycle Shirt, Savannah Moto Shirt, and the Delta Hoodie are all great choices that breathe. Take the SKIN Shirt for example. Its bi-stretch fabric allows for max flexibility and ventilation while still giving you the benefit of impact protection armor and abrasion resistance. The Delta Hoodie is cool on the outside with quilted leather patches along the shoulders and down the arms and on the elbows and protective on the inside with fully lined abrasion resistant aramid fabric. 

Fiona Jacket

As far as jackets, you have so many breathable options to choose from: there’s the Wild & Free, Jodie, Fiona, Horizon, Genesis, Juliet, Endurance, and the British Trench. The great thing about the Horizon and the Endurance is that they make a nice, light jean jacket layer (and they don’t just come in denim either if you love black like we do). However, if you want lighter color options for summer, check out the Genesis. Along with armor and a breathable lining, it comes in a beautiful pearl white or rust red. The Fiona Jacket, also available in red, yellow, and black, is another armored option. Each of these jackets can protect you on your summer rides, all you have to do is pick the ones that suit your style the best! 

Mila Cargo Pants

Speaking of choosing the style that fits you, there are so many protective pant options that we want to help break them down for you. If you’re in the market for skinny jeans, check out the Cordura Jeans in black or denim, the Comet Jeans in midnight denim, and the Ellie Jeans in denim or black. The Backroads are classic straight leg jeans in a dark wash woven with Dyneema. We all know the feeling of dark jeans on our legs at a stoplight, so if you’re looking for a lighter wash, the Mila Cargo Pants are a stylish tan.

And don’t forget about overalls as an option. The Daisy Overalls have a single layer of protection, making them more summer-friendly, while still protecting you with hip and knee padding and an AA rating. They come in black, blue, and grey and still look cool when you’re off the bike.

sherrie leggings

Jeans are not the only option for us women riders anymore. We have access to protective leggings now, which means maximum comfort and style on the road, along with protection. The Sherrie Leggings, SKIN Motorcycle Leggings, and Atmosphere Airflow Leggings all provide a level of mobility that hardcore motorcycle pants and jeans can’t easily achieve. The Atmosphere Airflow and SKIN Leggings match their shirt companions listed above, and the Sherrie Leggings (one of our best sellers) have a breathable and moisture-wicking mesh lining so you can cool down quickly in the summer heat and, of course, look cool with ribbing detail at the knees. 

As for gloves, we’ve got you covered there too. The MG Summer Gloves are at the top of our summer list, but the name probably gave that away. They’re mesh, providing you with excellent airflow, comfort, and protection. 

For a pop of color, check out the Speed Gloves in dune yellow or red (also available in farina grey). They’re designed for optimal airflow and sport a cool feature called a cooling fin that allows them to dry quickly if you get rained on. The Beetle Gloves are another good option due to their perforation, giving you constant airflow, and they’ve got a couple color options too. If these don’t fit your style, the Sprint Gloves and Jet Gloves are also perfect for summer riding. 


Fortunately, there are so many options for us these days and we don’t have to choose anymore. We can keep cool in the heat, be safe on the road, and look amazing too!

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