SKIN Motorcycle Shirt 03

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Comfortable and versatile, this shirt will fit discreetly under your riding gear or regular clothing as a base layer, or on its own. The SKIN Motorcycle Shirt is AA rated and comes with elbow and shoulder armor. Its bi-stretch fabric allows for maximum comfort and keeps armor in place, while the double mesh on the armpits and sleeves guarantees optimal ventilation and breathability. Works great on its own in hotter weather, or layered when it's chillier. 

Technical Features
+ Armored long sleeve base layer shirt

+ Extremely durable power-stretch Balistex (65% UHMWPE – 15 times stronger than steel) fabric
+ Highly heat-conducting fabric (cools down)
+ Fully CE approved garment – performance level AA in accordance with EN 17092
+ 35 meters slide distance or 4.1 seconds sliding time
+ Low profile protection for unrestricted movements
+ Double mesh on the armpits and sleeves for increased ventilation and breathability
+ Due to the comfortable tight cut, the armor is secured in place and doesn’t move around
+ SAS-TEC TripleFlex CE (EN1621-1:2012) approved elbow and shoulder armor INCLUDED
+ QUATROFLEX CE (EN1621-1:2012) approved lightweight back armor (not included but can be purchased HERE
+ Easily removable armor

SKIN Motorcycle Shirt 03
SKIN Motorcycle Shirt 03
SKIN Motorcycle Shirt 03
SKIN Motorcycle Shirt 03


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