How to Find Women’s Motorcycle Pants You’ll Actually Love

How to Find Women’s Motorcycle Pants You’ll Actually Love

In the world of motorcycle riding gear, shopping for women’s motorcycle riding pants is probably one of the most universally relatable experiences for women riders - but not in that ✨warm and fuzzy✨ kinda way. Most days, it can feel like one of the most daunting challenges you’ll ever undertake. But here’s the thing: we women deserve better. Staying safe while riding shouldn’t be a hassle or a nuisance that perpetually reminds you that your body is different. Staying safe and practicing ATGATT should be as effortless as a good rip on the throttle.

It’s time to celebrate your differences. Big or small, curvy or athletic - gear should fit you, not vice versa. Motorcycle pants (and really, all riding apparel) should fit in a way that honors your body and gives you the comfort and freedom of movement you deserve.

So get excited because it’s time to say so long 👋 to the days of pants that cut off your circulation, hinder your movement, or leave you feeling like you’re wading through flood waters (IYKYK, right?)

Why Is It So D*** Hard to Find Pants that Fit & Feel Good?

At the risk of stating the obvious, the motorcycle industry is still (unfortunately) very much a dude’s world. Luckily, women riders like you are quickly starting to change that stat. However, it’s only within the last 10-ish years that gear manufacturers have started catering to women riders *sigh* 🫠 Even then, most of the time, you’ll be faced with riding gear designed under the shrink-it and pink-it methodology.

In a (not so faraway) past, most women’s motorcycle gear was designed by simply shrinking the size of men’s gear and adding the stereotypical splash of pink or purple. It’s worth noting that we’re not saying there’s anything wrong with pink gear; if that’s your jam, you do you! The problem arises when you want colors or designs outside of that typical range; there just typically haven’t been many great options.

So, it’s easy to fall into the habit of settling for women’s motorcycle jeans you don’t enjoy wearing. Maybe you finally found a pair of riding jeans that’ll slide over your legs only to discover a huge gap at the waist. Or maybe you settled for a pair that was long enough for your legs but left you feeling like you’re wearing a shapeless pair of dad trousers. Whatever your battle with finding the best pair of motorcycle pants, we feel ya 😖

Why Materials Matter When It Comes to Riding Pants for Women

When it comes to finding that perfect pair of motorcycle pants for women, it’s not just about cut and color; material plays a critical role in a few different ways:

  • Articulation/movement - While more designers are engineering protective styles with stretch materials, that’s not the case for every pair of pants. When you’re searching through styles, look for callouts that highlight stretch materials that help give you the freedom of movement you need during your rides.
  • Temperature regulation - Riding with Winter pants in the dead of Summer under the high noon sun is pretty torturous. And vice versa; you’re not going to be very comfortable riding with single-layer Summer pants in the cooler months of Fall, Winter, and Spring. Temperature regulation is largely determined by the layers; single-layer protection (like Cordura & Dyneema) helps keep you cool and reduce bulk, while dual-layer protection (like Kevlar linings) helps keep you warm in cooler weather.
  • Safety rating - Not every pant offers the same impact and abrasion resistance level. In fact, material choice plays one of the most critical roles in determining the safety rating of women’s motorcycle riding jeans. The inclusion of armor always adds the bonus of impact protection, but Dyneema, Kevlar, and Cordura all have different slide ratings. You can learn more about safety ratings in our blog here.

Our Top Women’s Riding Pants Picks for Every Rider

Though it might seem too good to be true, falling in love with a pair of women’s motorcycle riding jeans or leggings is possible - and we’re here to make it even easier. Here are our top picks for every rider, no matter your weight, height, or age.

For the Rider with Legs for Days

Tall girls, where ya at? 👋 It’s one of the most universally recognized first-world problems of ladies with long legs: finding pants that don’t make it look like you grew six inches overnight. High-water pants might be the look that’s dominating the fashion world, but let’s just leave them there, ok? The Melissa Skinny Jeans will keep you protected from your waist all the way down (yes, ALL) to your toes. With the option for a tall 34” inseam, you’ll never feel the breeze nipping at your ankles.

An image of a brunette woman walking towards the camera holiding a helmet wearing the Melissa skinny motorcycle jeans for women

For the Rider with an Athletic Build

Regardless of why you’re active, having an athletic build may seem like a gift, but sometimes it can also feel like a bit of a bummer when you’re constantly fighting tight thighs and giant waist gaps. Meet our top pick for motorcycle pants for women with an athletic build: the Lara Cargos. Designed with a relaxed fit and waist adjustment buckles, you’ll likely wonder why it took so long to discover one of the greatest gifts to the women’s motorcycling world.

An image of a blonde woman with short hair looking in the distance while leaning on her motorcycle and wearing the Lara Cargo motorcycle pants (women's)

For the Rider with Killer Calves

If skinny jeans are enemy number one for you, you’re not alone. On warm days, pants that are suctioned to your skin and stretched tight over your calves can be the undoing of your psyche. This must be some sort of torture method, right? It’s time to ditch those skinny-fit jeans and give your gams the gift of the relaxed-fit Utopia Jeans. With a straight-leg fit, the single-layer Dyneema protection is perfect for warm-weather rides.

An image of a woman standing on a brick road in Brooklyn, NY wearing the Utopia relaxed fit motorcycle jeans for women

For the Rider with a Lil More Cush in the Tush 🍑

Tired of riding the curves in riding jeans that fight against your curves? Say it louder for the people in the back 🙌 Ditch those restrictive jeans that require the obligatory peel-to-remove dance at the end of the ride and swap out for a pair of women’s motorbike jeans made for your booty: the Backroads Jeans. With a casual fit and single-layer protection, you can kiss the days of swamp butt behind and delight in the comfort of curve-friendly black moto jeans for women.

An image of a woman standing in front of a mural wall wearing the Backroads motorcycle jeans (women's)

For the Short & Sassy Rider

Every season is cuffing season with the wrong inseam. But your stature doesn’t define you; you’re still an unstoppable powerhouse, one bad mama jama. You deserve pants that don’t make it look like a flashback to that one time you tried on adult jeans when you were a kid. Enter: the Ellie Jeans. With classic denim styling (in both blue AND black), the petite 28” inseam will give you that custom-fit feel - and all without a trip to the tailor 👌

An image of a blonde woman leaning on her motorcycle wearing the Ellie motorcycle jeans (womens fit)

For the High-Waist Lover

It’s hard not to love a timeless pair of high-waist women’s motorcycle jeans. With the Cordura Jeans, you get all the coverage you need with the most 🤌perfect🤌 high-waist cut that’ll have you considering wearing these even on the days you don’t ride. Available in black and blue denim, you can easily find your fit with sizes ranging from 24 - 38 (oh, and three different lengths!)

An image of a woman standing in front of her motorcycle in front of the Brooklyn Bridge wearing the Cordura motorcycle jeans for women

For the Rider Who Can't Stand Jeans

Wearing jeans on a motorcycle? No, thanks; not interested! 👎 If that sounds like you, then the all-time best-selling Moto Ribbed Pants are just what the doctor ordered. Available in sizes 4 - 26 with three different inseam lengths, finding your perfect fit is as simple as hitting add to cart. With two layers of protective material and a full-length Kevlar lining, these certified CE AA-rated legging-like pants will easily become your new favorite motorcycle pants with armor.

An image of a black woman sitting on her bike at sunset wearing the Moto Ribbed Pants for motorcycle riding

For the Leggings Lover

Life in leggings is great, but life in leggings on the bike is the true pinnacle of perfection. If jeans just aren’t your thing, embrace the latest trend in women’s motorcycle pants: protective leggings. Specifically, the Lane Leggings. These faux leather motorcycle pants pack a punch of style with a vegan outer layer but offer abrasion and impact resistance with a para-aramid lining and included knee armor. High waist and stretchy, you can adjust the fit with an interior drawstring at the waist.

An image of a woman standing in front of her bike wearing the faux leather Lane leggings

For the Rider Who Always Needs More Pockets

There truly is no such thing as too many pockets, and if you constantly find yourself in need of another snack-stashing spot, then the Mila Cargo Pants were made for you. With single-layer Cordura stretch denim, you’ll discover the true delight of the Milas in the hottest of summer weather. They’re in between a skinny and straight leg (let’s call it a relaxed skinny) for a tailored, well-fit vibe.

An image of a brunette woman faced away from the camera holding a helmet and wearing the women's Mila Cargo motorcycle rider pants

For the Off-Road/ADV Rider

Hop on, hop off. Start, stop. On the road, off road. If you’re the kind of rider who stays active and moving while you ride, then not just any old pair of riding pants will do the trick. Finding a pair that can keep up with all of your activity and stick along for the ride, even if it does get a little bumpy, is key. That’s why the Velocity Off-Road pants were made for you. Built for durability and versatility, these pants are designed with an articulated fit for maximum comfort, whether in an aggressive riding position or standing on the pegs.

An outdoor image of a woman sitting on her dirt bike wearing the Velocity Off-Road motorcycle pants for women

It’s Time to Make Women’s Motorcycle Pants Enjoyable Again

It’s long past time for that magical Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants moment when you discover the perfect pair of riding pants that fits you in all the right ways. And suddenly, without realizing it, you’re no longer thinking about how uncomfortable your pants are. You’re focused solely on the road in front of you and the breeze on your knees. When you arrive at your destination, you’re no longer strategizing about how and where to change out of those scratchy, stiff, miserable riding pants. Instead, you can hop off the bike, put away all your accessories, and get back to making those unforgettable memories. Because honestly, that's just how easy it should be to fall in love with your motorcycle protective gear.

Ready to discover your new favorite pair of pants? Click here to browse all pants for motorcycle riders, or email us for custom fit recommendations!

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