Seraph Gloves Sahara Yellow

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The Seraph takes cues from geometric design with a triangular theme extending to the upper knuckle panel, the lower panels and neoprene pressure points. The glove adopts a two-tone theme with calf leather and nubuck suede for durability with a striking contrast.

The Seraph also adopts smart touch panels on both finger and thumb using highly durable conductive materials. The glove has a longer cuff to be worn both in and outside the sleeve, and the leather is pre-waxed for a classic patina.

Technical Features

+ CE approved.

+ Super ergonomic fit with a semi-elasticated wrist for a second skin fit.

+ The slim line design offers less resistance with smooth articulation of fingers.

+ Perforated leather uppers allow for airflow while gentle padding and a satin lining aid comfort especially on warmer rides.

+ The 78 design silicone velcro strap ensures a super secure closure with a lycra blend gusset to prevent drafts on the move.

+ Neoprene pads on pressure points aid comfort on the bars with a discreet yet spacious neoprene lined knuckle protector.

+ Conductive panels on finger and thumb use overlays to avoid any feelings on the fingertips.

+ Inner stitch work is painstakingly clean to avoid inner discomfort.

+ The Seraph incorporates highly accurate double stitching on all panels with an over-layed triple stitch thumb joint.

+ Palm and knuckle panels are double layered for abrasion with extra padding in pressure areas for additional protection.

+ The knuckle utilizes a polymer mould with a neoprene lining.

+ Each glove has the 78 Buddy tabs offering extra abrasion protection while allowing you to attach gloves together when off the machine.

Seraph Gloves Sahara Yellow
Seraph Gloves Sahara Yellow
Seraph Gloves Sahara Yellow
Seraph Gloves Sahara Yellow
Seraph Gloves Sahara Yellow


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