This Just In

This Just In

A summary of all the new fun, colorful, and printed gear and accessories you can shop at Wind & Throttle!

We believe every moto babe needs at least one neck gaiter in her moto wardrobe, and we have a new one exclusive to Wind & Throttle in stock! If you’re into bright purple and blue tones but also love the badass look of barbed wire, check out the Barbed Wire Neck Gaiter. And while you’re checking it out, take a closer look… do you see the hidden shape?

If you’re looking for new mesh gloves, we just got in a few styles available in checkersflames, and leopard print. And for gloves that are simpler but still unique, check out the Lu Lu Gloves. These perforated leather gloves have opposing black and white coloring that is much more visually interesting than a regular set of black and white gloves. Keeping with the fun colors and prints, we also have the Burn Socks available, featuring black on the bottom, white on the top, and yellow flames in between. And if you’re a fan of color, you’re going to fall in love with the yellow, pink, and blue of the Kahling Jacket. Not only is it eye-catching with high visibility colors, but its abrasion resistance will protect you and its breathable mesh will keep you cool.


But wait, there’s more. That’s right, the fun new items don’t end there. Speaking of fun, we have a new Wind & Throttle shirt; the Early Bedtime Tee. It’s a humorous and relatable take on the classic biker t-shirt that we think you’ll love. And if your helmet, phone case, water bottle, toolbox, laptop, or notebook is feeling a little dull, you can spice them up and show off your love for riding—or your love for being a badass in general—with these stickers and patches! We have a few stickers perfect for us riders. In the shape of a helmet, the Just Ride for example, is exactly the motto we like to hear. The Don’t Look Back sticker reminds you the only looking back you should be doing is checking your rearview mirrors. And we have the Roll The Dice sticker. When you roll these dice, they always land bikes up. If you prefer this one as a patch, we’ve got you covered.

You’ll love these next two stickers whether you ride or not. Like the One Life sticker. Put this sticker somewhere you’ll always see it and it’ll remind you to use yours wisely. And for all of us rebels, the Burn the Rulebook needs no explanation. This one is also available as a patch!

We can’t wait to see you out there rocking these new items! Remember to tag @WindandThrottle on Instagram when you post pictures.

The Early Bedtime tee, Barbed Wire Neck Gaiter, and all stickers and patches mentioned were designed by Multipassionite.

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