Must-Have Motorcycle Accessories for Women Who Live to Ride

Must-Have Motorcycle Accessories for Women Who Live to Ride

Having a great motorcycle outfit is one thing, but no outfit is complete without the accessories. It’s kind of like a scoop of ice cream. Don’t settle for just plain ice cream; it needs sprinkles, and sauces, and maybe even a cherry on top.

And while we could go on (and on) for literal days about all the accessories we love to add to our bikes, we’re here to discuss wearable accessories that make your rides more enjoyable, more comfortable, and just a heck of a lot better. 

Without further ado, here’s how to find the best accessories for you and a few of our favorites, too.

Here’s What to Consider When Choosing Riding Accessories

The good news is that there are a wide range of accessories, so you’ll likely be able to find the perfect options for your needs. However, narrowing down your options can be one of the trickiest tasks when investing in your next accessory. To make your life easier, consider these three factors before making your decision.


Some of the best ladies’ motorcycle accessories are the ones that focus on function. Don’t get it twisted; it’s not always about choosing pieces that serve multiple purposes. But when women’s motorcycle accessories make your life easier while you’re behind the bars, they get extra brownie points.

Style Preferences

Are you bold and colorful or more of a minimal gal? Either way, personal style should be one of the main factors that you weigh. We live in a time where we have actual choices and variety in the accessories that you can find, which means you don’t have to compromise on style just to find the function that you need.

Riding Style

It’s probably safe to assume that you love to ride, however, we all have our personal preferences when it comes to when and how we ride, which is exactly why this is one of the most essential factors to consider. Some live for those long weekend rides while others commute short distances daily. Others prefer cross-country treks that take them through mountain ranges and over the plains. Whatever floats your boat, consider that before accessorizing!

9 of the Best Women’s Motorcycle Accessories for Babes Who Ride

From motorcycle socks to fleece gaiters, here’s the roundup on all of the best accessories for babes who live and breathe all things motorcycle.

Finish Line Bandana

Bandanas for motorcycle riding aren’t fussy or complicated accessories. They’re so simple - but also so essential. Sure, they make for a great fashion accessory, but they also offer protection from the elements. On cold or dry days, you can use them to keep the wind and dust out. On warm days, you can dip them in some water for extra sun protection and complimentary AC. However you wear it, you can’t go wrong with a solid motorcycle bandana like the Finish Line Bandana.

Triple Spike Necklace

Nothing says “I live to ride” like gen-u-wiiine motorcycle jewelry. No, not just jewelry showcasing your favorite brand; the kind of jewelry literally made from motorcycle bits. That’s where the Triple Spike Necklace comes in. Even on the days when you don’t ride, you can take some of that throttle addiction everywhere you go.

Coffin Rebel Motorcycle Thigh Bag

There is no such thing as too much storage, and investing in a quality thigh bag for motorcycle rides can add SO much functional storage (and make you look kinda badass, too.) The Coffin Rebel Thigh Bag isn’t really a motorcycle purse; it’s way better than that. It offers hassle-free, hands-free storage by clipping securely onto your belt loop. It has enough room for your phone, dedicated card storage, and secure zippers to keep your goodies in place during and after your ride.

Decorative Motorcycle Jacket Patches

Ok, we know what you’re thinking - do motorcycle patches count as accessories? Yes! Forget about breaking the rules, we’re MAKING the rules with this one. Because every jacket could use a little embellishment. Try the Roll the Dice Patch or the Burn the Rulebook Patch to add a lil bit of moto flair to your favorite jacket, jeans, or bag!

Tassel Keychain

Motorcycle keychains are one of the most essential moto accessories. Everyone who rides understands the struggle of trying to secure that dinky lil motorcycle key or key fob. It’s tiny! Were these keys made for ants?! Well, you can kiss the days of lost keys goodbye thanks to the Tassel Keychain. With a solid metal quick release ring, this keychain for your motorcycle will stay put when you want it to. Plus, it comes with a lightning to USB charger cable hidden in the fringe for easy charging on the go.

Cable Knit Neck Warmer/Gaiter

If you’re not one of the lucky ones who lives in an area where you can ride year round, we feel ya. One easy way to extend your riding season into late Fall or early Spring is by layering up with accessories (like fleece neck gaiters) that’ll help keep the warmth locked in. The Cable Knit Motorcycle Neck Warmer is perfect for those cool, breezy days and helps keep you toasty warm while you put down the miles.

Compression Motorcycle Boot Socks

If you’re putting down the miles on long road trips, then it’s time you invested in a high-quality pair of compressive motorcycle riding socks. We all know that feeling of being in the saddle for hundreds of miles. Your bones start to creak, your hips don’t move the same, and your muscles ache. The compressive Moto Socks can help you recover quicker and prevent muscle soreness on those long-distance rides.

BONUS: Best Accessories for Your Bike

Ha! You didn’t think we were done yet, did you? Sure we’ve covered the essential accessories for your person, but why stop there? We love to ride as much as you do, and here are some of our favorite accessories for your bike that can make any trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

Hightail Hair Protector

Say sayonara to helmet hair thanks to the incredible Hightail Hair protector. This is one of the best women’s hair accessories for motorcycles and it easily attaches to most helmets with 3M adhesive mounts. When you ride, it keeps your hair safe and secure while you’re ripping around. Made for women by a woman who understands that braids aren’t the only option to protect your hair while riding.

Beeline Moto GPS

Dodge the dreaded no service areas with a reliable, sleek, and minimal GPS made for motorcyclists. The Beeline motos easy-to-use interface will get you where you're going without having to make detours or u-turns. It mounts to your handlebars in a discreet way that won’t interfere with your current gauge cluster.

EarPeace Motorcycle Ear Plugs

We don’t mess around with hearing damage thanks to the EarPeace motorcycle ear plugs. Sure, you could just use regular, ole ear plugs, but those can sometimes obscure the noises that you NEED to hear (like honking, screeching tires, or emergency services). Made from medical-grade silicone with noise-canceling technology that’ll protect your ears by filtering out engine and wind noise.

Durable Action Camera

The memories of your riding adventures may live on forever in your mind, but why keep them there when you can use an action camera to capture the best of your adventures. There are multiple brands out there - like GoPro and Insta360 - but no matter what you choose, you’ll be glad you captured your favorite moments.

Phone Mount + Charger

Still riding with your phone in your bag or in your pocket? It’s time to change that. These days, phone mounts (and their accompanying accessories) can get about as technical as you’d like. Many brands, like QuadLock, offer a range of charging and protection accessories to keep your devices safe, no matter the road conditions.

Bluetooth Communication Device

If you’re traveling in groups frequently, then communication devices are a must for all riders. Yeah, you could use hand signals. But aren’t you tired of having to shout at each other at stoplights just to get on the same page? Plus, once you invest in a comm pack, you’ll be able to jam to tunes and get all of your navigation piped directly into your brain bucket for greater, hands-free convenience.

Level Up Your Rides and Add Comfort, Convenience with Female Motorcycle Accessories for All Riders

No matter how often or how far your ride, motorcycle accessories can help keep you comfortable and provide added convenience. From winter riding socks to motorcycle neck gaiters, there’s an accessory for every need. 

Shop our full line of women’s motorcycle accessories today!

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