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All fun, style and protection, the Jody gloves are made for comfort! On the left hand, the one used to make the famous "V" to greet other bikers, is an added touch with the famous phrase "Ride Like a Girl" as a signature of our crew, and a greeting when you ride!

These gloves are thin and close to the hand to ensure ease of movement when riding. And they tighten at the wrist for a perfect fit. They have a shell over the metacarpals for safety, as well as reinforced palms, all providing flexibility, safety and comfort while riding. The Jody gloves are CE approved, EN13594:2015, which guarantees level 1 protection in case of a fall. 

The leather is premium goat leather, breathable and thermoregulating so that you are neither too hot nor too cold. The lining is 100% micro aired polyester, to allow for maximum breathability. The leather has also been tested to resist abrasion and tearing. The elongated shape of the cuff makes them easy to put on and adds extra coverage. Touch technology is used on the index finger and thumb to allow optimal use of your GPS.

Technical Features

+ Leather Gloves Approved to EN13594:2015

+ 1KP shell on the knuckles

+ Closure at the wrist

+ Breathable lining

+ Very soft, high quality motorcycle leather

+ Tactile index finger and thumb

+ RIDE LIKE A GIRL writing on the fingers

+ Strap to keep them in place

Jody Beth Gloves
Jody Beth Gloves
Jody Beth Gloves
Jody Beth Gloves


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